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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hey guys, I am Korndogg the Klown, Krinklz the Klown, and Ms Rosee! I am a balloon twister, balloon artist, face painter, and I absolutely love working with balloons, painting, but mostly people and helping them be happy. I am a local balloon artist and face painter. I say balloon artist because I just cant make a one balloon dog.....I mean it takes all that I have to hand a child a one balloon dog, unless that is what the parent wants. I love challenging myself, I love creating and I love it when someone calls and says, "oh, I was thinking of a Rastafarian balloon, can you make one for me?" Oh yes, and thank you for helping me do what I love and helping you be happy at the same time!

I wrote a mission statement on my webpage, and it took a while. In fact I think I changed it 5 or 6 times before I got it to where is just settles well with my soul. It says:


Honestly, at this stage in the game, I just figured out what it is that I want to do with my life......yeah, it took a while, so I was a sloooow learner...hehehe. I truly have found my passion in life. I've been let out of my box! Lookout world!

Back in the 90's at some point, I dressed up like a clown, acted like a fool, and twisting some balloon animals cute 3-legged cats, but I never discriminate and believe in "Balloon Animal Rights". A friend needed some entertainment and I was it!
I actually ran out and bought some material and overnight sewed me up my first costume! It was awful! But, it worked in a pinch. I bought some dime store makeup and applied it to the best of my ability, and it was hideous too! I called myself Rosie and somehow I managed to entertain a handful of kids at a party without scaring the beegeebies out of them! Hard to believe. I see pictures of myself and it was aweful. But the experience was unforgettable for me. for the next 15 years, I thought of that day constantly. I had the dream, it was now instilled in my heart and head, and I knew that one day I would be in costume again, just didn't know when.

I was very busy raising 2 kids alone. I worked 2 jobs and was going to school to better myself for my kids. I wanted to start a business but didnt have the funds for starting a small business. It would cost more than I could afford to get it started. I put it on the back burner until 2007 and began the preliminary purchases for the dream business.  In 2008 had enough of what I need to get my license! Korndogg Klowning became a reality. I only did it through sheer faith and determination . It was not easy, and I was scared to death. It took lots of daily drive, motivation and very strong faith that I have to accomplish what I have. I haven't done this alone. And let me tell you how grateful I am to be here today, and be able to do what I love and be of a service to others and part of their joy! Just awesome!

Today I become Korndogg when you call! I have other characters as well that I am introducing one at a time. My second character is Krinklz the Klown. She is sassy and fun. My third was Ms Rosee, and she is based on the earlier character from the 90's, but MUCH cuter and not so scary! Strawberry Silly Kakes, Kaptain Kalico the Pirate and Fluff the Fairy Klown were recently added. I also recently trained a new clown! This is exciting! I will blog on my new clown, Kupcake!

I love clowning. It is in my makeup, (no pun intended). It is part of me to be and act silly, corny and funny. A clown is not just a costume or make-up but it is who you are. I love the art of clowning and the rules of clowning, like clown etiquette, being silly, acting like a goof. It is who I am. Yes this is a business for me, but it is what I love to do more than anything else. I love people, talking to people and making people feel good. If I can bring a smile to someone, or a giggle or a laugh, then it has been a great day! In fact if I get look that says "OMG..." then that is absolutely what I am here for!

I try to live life with faith and the motto, "Any day you wake up is a good day!"  It is a simple thought but very real and profound. I try to be in service mode during my day, "who can I help?" "who needs a smile?" who is having a worse day than me?" And believe me, there are plenty of folks that needs smiles. When I keep focused on bringing a positive attitude to everything I do, it seeps and spreads out. Love life and live it! Complaining Gets you nowhere, attitude is 95% of everything you do. So Korndogg says, get out there in the world and make someone smile today! It will make your day better!
Love ya all!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Redding, Chico Clown, Balloon Twister, Face Painter Silly and Fun!

Hello to all you big kids! I am a local Redding resident with a small business since 2008. I am a clown of many faces. I am a clown at heart and love what I do. I have spent over 30 years providing customer service in California and Washington State. I love the entertainment business, I love art, face painting, I love balloons, but mostly I love making people happy. I get a joy from sharing a laugh. I truly fills me up! Our clowns have years of experience with children, acting, singing and just plain old being goofy!

Today I am able to provide a service in the Redding and surrounding areas for families, business, fairs, festivals, weddings, receptions, schools, daycares and more. If painting, balloons, decor, or comedy is what you need, call me, that is what I can provide. 
I have 7 Clown Characters and am expanding at the present time with costumed characters such as Cinderella, Tinkerbell, The Incredible Hulk and Superman! With more on the way! You need to keep posted, I have some REALLY exciting things coming!

Not everyone would think of a clown for entertainment, and if they do, some of the clowns they have seen in the past are perhaps scary. There are even pictures online that could frighten any child, even and adult. These pictures usually come from unprofessional clowns or people just trying to scare folks. I think that movie by Stephen King did us in really good... but the good news it that we at Korndogg Klowning has a clown for everyone. Fun colorful Korndogg or Krinklz, or more safe and light makeup clowns like Strawberry Silly Kake or Ms Rosee that are very safe friendly faces and not scarey to most children or adults. I offer a clown dress up party for those that have Coulrophobia.  Check this out!
Korndogg Klowning is a Clown business, not just a person wearing a costume and showing up and twisting basic balloons and cheek art, watching their clock, but we are about professional clowning that takes pride in the entertainment industry, uses on professional products that are safe and ethical, and clowns that love what they do to make unforgettable memories that will last forever! We bring love to your event, that is what Korndogg Klowning is all about!

Korndogg Klowning serving the Redding, Shasta Lake, Chico, Anderson, Palo Cedro areas. Also serving Red Bluff, Corning, Mount Shasta, Shingletown, Orland areas. Call for quote with small travel fee. We are licensed and insured and also a member of the Redding Chamber of Commerce. I am also a member of the Western Regional Clown Association and attend their annual convention yearly, where I compete and participate in clown, balloon art and face painting events. I am a member of the West Coast Face Painters Association. By being members of these organizations, I stay current on trends, laws and and issues that affect me as an entertainer so that you as a consumer and my client are not affected. I appreciate my clients and want to provide the absolute best service that I can provide.

If you have been thinking I want something different, you want it to be a memorable event, and just don't know exactly what to do, please check us out at Korndogg Klowning. We provide entertainment that is quality focused. Our balloon twisting, and balloon decor is amazing! We can twist hundreds of animals, absolutely crazy fun hats, toys and wearables for kids of any age....and I am talking about adults too! Adults love balloons and face painting too. My clowns are fun, animated, energetic and entertaining! They use silly oneliners, pranks, lots of funny props, (like the famous rubber chicken, what's a clown without a rubber chicken?) We are just good with children of all ages. We love kids, love what they ask, find them very entertaining and funny!

Korndogg is an award winning balloon artist that loves making smiles with balloons! I love seeing a kids smile when I hand him a special balloon created just for him! Its awesome!
Check out my balloon page at Korndogg Klowning or my facebook page to see some examples of balloon decor, specialty and party balloons Korndogg on Facebook.
I offer a number of different specialties and prices range from $70 to $180. I havent changed my prices in over 2 years and we run specials most all of the time. Check the webpage for specials weekly. A balloon twister for up to 25 children for 1 hour in the Redding area is less than you think. Most  balloon twisters do a two hour minimum. I try to fill the gap of those that are inbetween....I understand inbetween! We provide Balloon twisting without character for a 1/2 hour in Redding 96002 Zip Code for 12 children or less. I always run the Zip Code 30 Minute Special! If you are in 96002...Call me!

I want you to understand that I really love this art, the art of clowning! Keep posted and follow me on this blog and on Facebook. I am posting contests and will be posting free videos for balloon twisting and tips! I will be traveling to Laughlin NV again this year to compete in Balloon Twisting competitions at the yearly convention. I am planning on entering a local contest during the holiday season. I hope to keep you all posted and up to date!
Love and smiles to you all and............
Have a silly day! 
Robin AKA "Korndogg The Klown"