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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Halloween Decorations for a Spooky Night of Frightful Fun!

Halloween ghouls and goblins will be heading out soon for treats, tricks and all they can get in a candy bag! Parties at the spooky holiday are pretty common and fun. Try lots of cobwebs, they are inexpensive and the kids love them. 
You can do a find the ring in the worm bowl. Cook up a few packages of thick pasta and make sure it is dark and bowl is covered and have the kids feel around for a prize, like a ring or toy. lots of fun.
Silly string is still in and still cool! It is great for parties and pretty cheap. 
Also wet Gummy Worms make excellent spooky reach in gags. Make em guess what it is to win a prise!
Being Korndogg the Klown does have its advantages. I like a nice twisty balloon hat ring toss game. You can get a nice small kit of balloons and a pump from Wally World and the kids can play with them all night!
Some old newspaper and cornstarch to make a body for a spider and then stick pipe cleaners in the side with some school glue for some cool decorations! Paint em black with some spray paint, white markers for the eyes or glue on some white paper or google eyes!
A fog machine and a cool haunted CD is fun for a group of wicked children. Also I always play this at my door for any trick-or-treaters. 
I remember before I had my business, we would paint cardboard like gravestones, and crosses, put them in our yard, put old dolls in cut down boxes like coffins, painted with some old torn sheets and have a cool graveyard in our yard! Add the fog, the music....very spooky and the kids went ape!
Don't you all love going treating at the houses that are all decked out?
The cool thing is that it doesn't have to cost you much at all. Have some fun with the kids this year! Get creative. You can make tons of decor and costumes from stuff you have at your home already! 

Here is your spooky yard, haunted party shopping list:

5 packs spaghetti or pasta, (dollar store)
2 large packs gummy worms (walmart)
Old sheets
Cardboard boxes
Black spray paint
Bowls for worms and noodles
Haunted Cd's
Grease paint at the halloween store (for makeup)
Fog Machine
Old dolls
Elmer's School Glue

Korndogg the Klown is back at the Tehema County Fair!

Alrighty then folks, its that time of year again, fair time! Korndogg has already appeared at the Glenn County and Trinity County Fairs, now closer to home you will see Korndogg at the Tehema County Fair in Red Bluff on September 27, 28, 29, 30 2012! 
I love this fair, it is a very busy fair, lots of entertainment, magicians, music, food, vendors, RIDES, RIDES AND MORE RIDES! 
It is close to Redding, Korndogg's home and travel is easy down I-5. 
I am busy ordering plenty of balloons, getting practiced on some new balloon creations, and I plan on having tons of fun! No Monkeying around either...........ehem...........well maybe a little, like these little ladies!