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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bay Area, Shasta, Redding Clown Returns from Western Regional Clown Convention in Las Vegas, Laughlin, Nevada

Redding Clown returns home from balloon twisting and face painting convention, once again.
This year was no exception to competitions, grand clown performances and just lots of super fun!
The Western Regional Clown Association Convention is held annually in Laughlin Nevada in the southern state on the Colorado River just feet from the Arizona Border and a few miles from Bullhead City. So much fun!

I met new friends and saw old ones. I had the opportunity to learn some great business information from some great clowns that have been in business for over 20 years! Great fun!
I competed in balloons and face painting and won 3 awards in face painting! Two second placed and one third! Wonderful competitors this year and tons of great talent!
Getting home and getting back into the swing of things I hope doesnt take too long, been yawning for two days now!
I have lots of work booked for the holidays but have room for more. Any themed event for balloon decor and for twisting or lovely holiday face painting!

Happy Holidays!
Love and Laughter

Monday, November 12, 2012

Northern California Clown in Las Vegas, Laughlin Convention

This clown from Northern California is in Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada at the Western Regional Clown Association Annual Convention. I have updated my yearly membership and am taking classes in clown etiquette, improv, participating in balloon twisting and face painting competitions and just having a blast! I hope to post some pics soon, keep posted. I will be coming home with eagerness and ready to perform! I love clowning!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Balloon Twisting Supplies for Entertainers, Twisters, Clowns

Balloon Twisting Supplies for Sale

Order twisting supplies here at Korndogg Klowning. If you are local, you can pick up, if out of area, I ship. Email or call for more information and check my website. 

 Qualatex Carnival Entertainer Balloons
Packs of 100

Bright colors, lime, green, orange, yellow
purple, blue, red

There are a number of pumps from different companies. I find the Qualatex the best pump to use
Being Dual Action, I get twice the air from this little portable pump.

Qualatex Dual Action Pump.
Pumps for twisters that pump
both ways for quicker twisting.

Entertainers and clowns both
will appreciate this cool
balloon pump.

Korndogg Klowning Expanding Business With Airbrush Tattoos and Super Heros!

Hello again fans, its me, Korndogg. Yes, I know you have probably read all my info already but I just can't help but post some more. I have become some kind of posting fool. I am already a kind of fool, a clown and in Redding and I get some seriously silly looks for it! Love, love, love making people happy, if that means acting the fool, or falling down, or a cheap corny joke, well, Korndogg the clown or "Klown" will do it. I mean we only live life once, we only get once around the block. Lets make it good!
Yes I am still clowning, face painting and am just getting into freehand body art. Doing more than just faces. Need some canvas to paint on, bodies. Man, I love to paint, and love to twist balloons, hard to choose what to do some days.
So not like I have nothing to do, working full time, taking care of my two funny dogs, Sammy and Drevel, and running a business, so I said to myself, "Self, why not buy an airbrush system to add airbrush to your business?" So that is what I did. I am hoping to add it by the first of next year, I am sure that I will. I just need to get a good variety of stencils. I am working on my magic for my shows, balloons for my clients, face painting for the budding artists, and clowning around at every opportunity!
I wasn't sure about adding airbrush to my business. I am personally an artist and using stencil isn't very artistic, but there are some really cool stencils and as a business I had to look at the market for using stencils. The market is good. They are quick and simple, although there is nothing simple about the cost of the supplies, but the selection is great and bottom line, lots of people like them. I like choice. I already have 9 clowns available for parties and a princess, super hero's coming early next year. Yes, I like choice and like my clients to have quality and choice, so yes, why not airbrush stencils! Not only that, the airbrush will be a great base for my body art when I get more canvas to paint on!
So, clowning in Redding and Shasta County for this clown is getting broader and with that, better.
Going into my 5th year as a clown and in business, which is still hard to believe, I have grown slowly and steadily. I have a good support system and good friends that stand by and behind me (sometimes pushing me on those unfunny days).  I have recently expanding to the Bay Area. I have done some work in the area and have family there as well. I am providing service in the following areas:
Shasta, Tehema, Colusa, Glenn, Trinity, Siskyou, Contra Costa, Alameda, Solano and Butte Counties. My business is stationed in Redding with a home in Antioch, so we travel. In some areas we charge a travel fee. I have recently began networking with local entertainers and hope to bring more value for every dollar you spend.
Korndogg Klowning thanks you for your support....all my fans! You have been with me from the beginning and YOU know who you are!
Love and Laughter to you all!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Korndogg Clowns in Redding at Hometown Buffet Balloon Twisting and Face Painting

Halloween was a pumpkin smashing success! Lots of face painting for Korndogg Klowning. I love clowning, it gives me an opportunity to give. I love giving smiles and laughter. Korndogg loves clowning and this last week I got to clown around in Redding and Red Bluff and Anderson! Couldn't get any better! Korndogg, besides clowning and twisting balloons, got to face paint at Hometown Buffet on Wednesday for Halloween and Thursday for Family Night! What a great time. We had cotton candy, gave away 50 Goosebumps books, helium balloons and face painting! Yes a success. It was so good that we are going to do it again this week! This Thursday is family night and this week we will have a TREASURE CHEST full of goodies and each child gets to pick something. They get balloons, face painting, and animal twisty balloon! The pirate Korndogg will twist up some cool swords and fun!
Visit Hometown Buffet on Churn Creek in Redding Ca on Thursday night, bring the kids, gramma, and you! We will see you there!