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Saturday, December 15, 2012


I live in the 96002 zip code. I run balloon twisting specials on holidays all year. If you are in my zip code, you can get $10 off of an hour of balloon animals, tying, twisting, however you like to call it. You can hire me for a Korndogg Kwikstop for even 30 minutes! I am not sure, but think I may be the only one doing that one. It is without clown but for my costume, festive colors to the season, right now I am doing reds, greens, sparkles, whites, Santa hats for a fun quick outfit for your event!
I also run a special for face painting for the holidays too! Same deal....$10 off of an hour, 1 hour minimum for painting.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Balloon Twisting for Holiday and Christmas Parties

Christmas Clown....Krinklz! She is ready for balloon twisting and face painting! She can twist hundreds of balloons and paint hundreds of designs! If you own a small business in Redding and it has been a difficult time this year, giving your employees this treat of balloons and face painting can be difficult on the pocketbook. I suggest to you, like I have done in the workplace at my jobs in the past, to take a contribution from everyone for the entertainment for the event. Whatever is over the top of your expense level. Balloon Twisting in Redding is becoming more popular for entertainment for events. How about a Santa hat or Reindeer bracelet or candy cane or Elf hat?? I can twist anything...just let me at it! Get in touch with Korndogg Klowning for your holiday entertainment. If you don't know what to do for all those hard working employees that have been busting buns all year...treat them to balloon twisting and or face painting at your Christmas party. Tons of fun and you may think that it is only for kids, let me tell you its not! Grown up kids love balloons too! I am a firm believer in love and laughter all year long, but especially at the holidays. We all need a little relief from the hard work we do all year long. Relax and let me have some fun with you, your employees this year. I love making people happy, its what keeps me going year after year! See my site and check me on Facebook for more pics and information. Merry Christmas!


Korndogg Klowning is painting for the holiday season! Balloon twisting, tons of Christmas designs are also available. I totally love face painting, body art and balloons! I won 3 little awards in Las Vegas this year at the annual Western Regional Clown Association Convention. It was tons of fun!
I am still available for Corporate and Business Holiday Parties. Christmas and New years. I have some new designs for the holidays that would be fun to do! Snowman, reindeer, snowflakes, holly leaves and berries, Santa and the Grinch too! How about a painted BAD SWEATER for your favorite bad sweater contest! Yes a painted bad sweater on you bod!
I always like to let folks know that if they think they cannot afford it during the holiday, have every employee chip in and it can be done!
Merry Christmas from Korndogg Klowning may all your wishes come true!