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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


OMG....THIS CLOWN HAS BEEN BUSY!! In costume and out.painting, twisting and jewelry making!
I am telling you how lucky I am to have this as a business! I love kids, I love people, I love making people totally fills my heart! And dont forget.....I love BALLOONS!! How blessed someone is to be able to make a living at doing something they love to do. I know it does not happen every day and too far and few inbetween. I do not take it for granted.

I had foot surgery August of last year on both my feet and it kept me down for about 5 months. Since getting back to business during the holidays, things got crazy busy! Lots of parties, corporate events, festivals.
I also have now started a handcrafted jewelry business. I am working on a website....first have to have a name. That is the tough part. I do have a Facebook page:

Please check it out. You can click on the link and it will take you there. It is new and I have many pieces to show, but getting pics and posting is slow. It all takes time. I will be at an event in March, I will be setting up a blog for my jewelry as well. I will keep you posted on new pieces, where I will be and what I am doing!

I am glad to be back to work in 2014! Already January and February are busy months. I have started booking parties and events for March already! Working the Glenn County Fair again this year in May.
I will be posting some new pics for you. In the last few months I have created a lot of balloon sculptures! I get excited when someone calls and wants something I have yet to make! The other day I made...THE FLYING NUN BALLOON! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY JOB!!

So I am back in action and should be posting regularly, hope to hear some comments from you....please do. Would like to know what you like, dont like, want to see, wish for and more!!

Take it easy and with a smile.....

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